Duet 2.26

Duet 2.26 was born in 2016 from the friendship between Clara Giner Franco and Hèctor Rodríguez Palacios, who studied together at the Conservatori Municipal de Música de Barcelona and later started Bachelor at the Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu with Christian Farroni and Isabel Souto.

Both have played in several youth orchestras from Spain and Germany as well as in professional orchestras such as OBC (Orquestra Simfònica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya). In 2016 they won 2nd prize as Duet 2.26 in the "Higini Anglès" chamber music competition in Catalonia/Spain. 

In the educational and social field, they have performed concerts and workshops in schools, children's hospitals and social integration centres for foreign and poor families in Barcelona.

In all the years they have spent as a duo, they have always continued to work and look for new pieces and ideas. At this moment, they have the great fortune to live only an hour away from each other, which allows them to continue working on this duo project. Together they explore the repertoire of the 20th and 21st century, create new sounds and develop innovative concepts and performances that establish a close and personal connection with the audience. Their interdisciplinary concerts are characterised by the constant dialogue of music with other artistic disciplines, by a wide range of sound possibilities, and by the special connection between the two musicians - elements that magnetically connect the audience with them from beginning to end.

Arxis Ensemble

ARXIS Ensemble is a contemporary music ensemble created with the aim of being a meeting point for performers, creators and audiences in the field of contemporary music. It focuses its activity on working hand in hand with composers of our time, as well as on national and international exchanges to place Galicia as a focal point for contemporary art. ARXIS Ensemble is committed to programming repertoire of music from the last fifty years, and aims to open dialogues on recent creation through concerts, conferences and workshops, linking music with other artistic disciplines. 

Its members focus their activity on performance, research and the enhancement of contemporary music. They participate in multidisciplinary projects, musical theatre, opera, performance, improvisation and electronic music, continually rethinking the role of the musician today, their link with listening and the search for innovation in sound art. 

In 2022 they premiered the piece "Akusmata" by Beat Furrer conducted by the composer himself as part of the RESIS festival. In 2023 they participated in the same festival conducted by Nacho de Paz.